NextRealm Bubbles Fun Debugging

NextRealm Bubbles Fun Debugging

Little Bug That Almost Went Unnoticed

Prologue Recently, I’ve been working on the tech behind my Next Realm multiplayer games portal. Part of that was replacing ECS library I use from Kevin’s Experimental ECS written in Haxe, to the new popular kid on the block – bitECS. Of course, bitECS being JS and based around using Typed Arrays instead of objects, the usage is quite different. So obviously I’ve had to wrap it around using Haxe’s macros, to achieve similar syntax to what I’ve had before.

Multiplayer Platformer Log #5 – Entity Interpolation

In the third log we made the server authoritative and implemented client-side prediction. Now is the time to add other players and properly implement entity interpolation. Entity Interpolation In General The principle is pretty simple. Server sends updates containing positions of all entities (other players). Client waits a few updates before moving the entity while interpolating between the individual updates. As an example, if server sends updates every 100 ms, client can wait until it receives 3rd update (i.

Multiplayer Platformer Log #3 – Authoritative Server

In the first developer log we talked about cheating and how the best way to prevent it, is making the server authoritative about the state of everything. That is what this log is about. Taking the custom simple physics engine we talked about in the second log, we are ready to start. Server Loop So how do we go about moving everything to server? Client has basic game loop where it moves character around based on input.

Multiplayer Platformer Log #1 – Naive Implementation

Motivation After finishing the project for my parents I was talking about last time, I finally had some time to get back to game development. After spending something over a month playing with unity engine, I decided to switch my focus back to something that got me to programming in the first place. Multiplayer online games. Back in high school, I implemented very naive multiplayer bomberman game as my school-leaving project.