Haxe Externs For Phaser

When I started preparations for my online multiplayer game attempt, I realized I will need to create Phaser externs for Haxe. Haxe externs are a way for Haxe to know about types of methods and properties of external objects like Phaser. Surprisingly generating them took me a week and not the expected hour or two. And they still aren’t perfect (and probably never will be). Turns out that taking Phaser’s source and parsing the JSDoc using tools like js2hx isn’t good enough.

Multiplayer Platformer Log #1 – Naive Implementation

Motivation After finishing the project for my parents I was talking about last time, I finally had some time to get back to game development. After spending something over a month playing with unity engine, I decided to switch my focus back to something that got me to programming in the first place. Multiplayer online games. Back in high school, I implemented very naive multiplayer bomberman game as my school-leaving project.