Fantasy Sphere 2023 Status Report

Getting Smaller

Oh wow, did another year already went by? Things did happen this time around though, finally, so let’s talk about that. I promise to keep it short.

In the 2022 report I rambled about multiplayer experience as the next big thing in the Fantasy Sphere universe. That’s still planned, but was overtaken by something smaller and (hopefully) faster.

One of the best ways to get out of a rut and moving is to just start. Almost a decade ago I used the same principle to finally start working on an RPG. Earlier this year I’ve decided to have a go at it again, in the same spirit – just get something done, small, minimal, but an RPG.

Initially I’ve decided to spend an hour each day after work. That didn’t work very well as there’s never much extra energy left, and the hour was usually spent refocusing on whatever it is that I was actually doing. Not very efficient. So eventually I’ve switched it up to dedicating full Friday each week, and things finally started moving.

Introducing Fantasy Sphere Mini

While it’s all very early, and I am stubbornly creating loads of tech behind this, you can already “play” the game prototype. Not much you can do there for now. But hey, it’s something.

What will it be when it’s done? The smallest simplest RPG I can manage. And a start at all the tooling necessary to create one. Let’s hope I won’t over-engineer it all too much.

In the following months I will go back to writing devlogs. And who knows, maybe by next year we will have a tiny game to play.