Minimal RPG Progress Report #1

So what’s been going on?

Holidays. Holidays has been going on.

Time to get back to reality though.

I decided to focus on making a minimal RPG – smallest in size that I can imagine to work and be an actual game. Plan is to make it fast, get enough money out of it to continue surviving. Then move from there.

Holidays put a big hole in the plans, as expected. So I only managed some rudimentary behavior trees implemented for enemy AI and some story written up. The work on actual game didn’t move much further than it already was before eat-all-the-cookies part of December. This is how it still looks:

Untitled RPG NPC Attack

This week I started making a level/game editor with Sony’s ATF, which I already used once. It’s a beast of a framework, but it is very powerful.

Honestly though I hoped to have some basic editor working in 2 days, but things are going slower than I expected (starting to see a pattern here :D). Although to be fair, starting up after new year is slow and I helped my girlfriend with studying a bit. Also:

I need this game to move fast, as at the end of February I need to start making some money from it. So it’s time to push harder and blaze through this editor.
Then back to AI and start putting the levels together. After that’s done I suppose I will go look for an artist :).